Some simple ways to manage and reduce pain

Good Afternoon! Did you know that both pain and fear light up the same areas in your brain?!

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As in, more blood flow to these areas, indicating they are working hard. Some fab research has show if we can reduce a person’s fear and anxiety about their issue, their perceived pain reduces!! How cool is that .

Educate yourself, look at anatomy pictures, what does a knee meniscus/ tennis elbow (put here your achey bit) look like?? What is normal in terms of healing times and prognosis?

Don’t google it, talk to a professional (not the guy at the end of the road who has had everything!!!!).

Get an accurate diagnosis…….. if I had a pound for every wrongly diagnosed frozen shoulder!

Basically knowledge is power, take control and you will most likely feel better.

Please pass this on if you think it could help someone you know.

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