3 tips for dealing with tense shoulders

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Tense shoulders? There seems to be an influx at this time of year of people with stiff shoulders. The muscles that run across your shoulders to your neck, you know the ones!

Work deadlines, late nights for Christmas drinks, cold damp days, the prospect of Christmas lunch with the in laws………

What ever the cause I have some top tips to get things relaxed and loosened off 😀

  1. Movement, roll your shoulders, rotate your neck gently and stretch side to side, crunches and cracks are ok, so long as they don’t hurt!
  2. Heat, dig out your old hot water bottle. This boosts the blood flow and oxygen to the muscles.
  3. Breath! Stop every now and again. Take a big deep breath and sigh it out! This releases tension and fires up your para sympathetic nervous system (your relaxation and repair mode).

I hope these top tips help you have a relaxed and pain free holiday.  x

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